History of our company.

Oct,1967 Nobutaka Yoshida who is the current president established
      a dental technical office "Chuo Dental Service” as his personal management.

Aug,1984 He established "Medical Databank Ltd." and succeeded to Chuo’s business.

Aug,1996 Obtained the authorization of Medium And Small-sized Business Creation Activity
            Promotion Law for commercialization of "Sporteeth"which is a molar protector.

Dec,1996 "Sporteeth" was announced to the public for the first time in "Venture Plaza '96 Kobe"
            sponsored by Kinki Regional Commerce Industry Bureau.

Feb,1997 Idea Technology Development Prize was given for the commercialization of
      "Sporteeth" by A Newly Technical Development Foundation for 1996th year.

Feb,1997 Business Plan Contest Grand Prix was awarded for the commercialization of
      "Sporteeth" from Kansai District New Business Association.

Apr,1997 Organization was changed from limited liability company to the corporation,
      capital was increased to 10 million Yen.

May,1997 Established a research institute in Shiga and started the joint study with Ryukoku University.

Aug,1997 Subsidy for Technology Development Promotion was granted by Shiga prefecture.
       Capital was increased to 20 million Yen.

Nov, 1997 Approved for the Medium And Small-sized Business Creation Activity Promotion Law.
             Succeeded in the commercialization of "Free direction print method by 3 dimensions
       of false tooth individual identification".

Jan,1998 Sporteeth was announced on the article in "Venture Plaza '98 Kyoto" sponsored
       by The Kinki Regional Commerce Industry Bureau.

Apr,1999 Succeeded in the commercialization of  "Sporteeth".

Feb, 2000 The section prize of An Industry Leader and New Business Grand Prix were awarded
             by The Corporate Judicial Organization of Kansai New Business Association.

Mar, 2000 Commercialized "MOUTH FITNESS” as mouth training goods for the beauty and health.

Jly, 2003 Commercialized "Dr.Teethgrind" and started sale.