Q.I understand mouthpiece shall be applied generally to upper teeth,
 while your mouthpiece should be applied to lower back teeth.
 Please teach us how your mouthpiece is different from a conventional mouthpiece?

A.Yes, you are right.
 Traditional mouthpiece must be applied to upper teeth.
 However we have developed new type of mouthpiece be applied to lower back teeth    
 (molar) which was developed first time in the world and also was patented
 in 9 countries including U.S.A. and Japan.
 If you want to know the detailed information about its difference,
 please click here @About "Sporteeth"  AAbout "Mr.Teethgrind"

Q.How long the mouthpiece can be used?

A.It is possible to use it for 2-3 months generally,
 though the use period is different according to individual persons.
 Wear-out is early for those who have teeth crown or different shape of teeth.

Q.From how old can it be used?

A.It is the time when all milk teeth molt to permanent teeth
 and the frame of mandible is steady,
 namely it can be used from older than 18 years old.
 Please pay attention if it will be used while the frame of mandible is not steady,
 you may have bad influence on your frame and teeth.

Q.Can it be used now though teeth are being treated?

A.Sorry it can not be used while teeth are being treated.
 Please use it after finishing your treatment.

Q.It is written "Mr.Teethgrind" shall be used while sleeping.
 While I am afraid worry about whether swallow by mistake.

A.It is no problem,
 because the parts of both molars are designed to connect
 tight with transparence parts like bridge. 
 We have never heard such a case so far.
 Please use it at ease, and refer the picture of homepage.

Q.I am used to shooting as sports. Is it possible to use "Sporteeth" during exercise?

A.Of course you can use while shooting exercise,
 and "Sporteeth" is the most suitable mouthpiece
 because you can get more power and concentration by biting tight
 and also can get good scores than before.
 It would be recommend for sports shooting.

Q.Can you sell them diretly for the individual persons?

A.Sorry it can not be sold for individual persons
 since we do not have our own office in U.S.A.
 Therefore we can sell them to the companies or associate group.

Q.We want to handle your mouthpieces in our shops,
 please let us know how to make the contact with you.

A.Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to our company
 and click here so that application form can be received.

If you have any other questions or opinions,
please come back top page of and click "Contact us" or click here.